We are committed to providing learning opportunities at affordable prices. Through Fundraising and alternative payment plans, we aim to be accessible to all families.

Early Dismissals/Pro-D Days

If your child requires pick up for an early dismissal, please register by the first of the month and note there is an additional $10 fee. If your child's learning centre is not in session and you require registration for a Pro D Day Camp (and your child was already scheduled to attend an after-hours session that day) there will be an extra $25 fee, please register by the first of the month.

Registration Fee

There will be a onetime registration fee of $100 per family. This fee is a long-term investment in the learning centre, and allows us to provide for all the student supply needs and includes a family membership. Payment schedule will be monthly, IN ADVANCE, with no reimbursement for days missed. In case of NSF, parents will be responsible for any related bank fees.

Note Of Absence

If your child is scheduled to be picked up from the learning centre but will be ABSENT, you MUST let us know! There will be a $10 charge if we are not notified.

Late Fees

Please be considerate of our hours of operation. If you are going to be late for pick up, attempt to let us know! There is a $20 late fee if you are unable to arrange pick up on time.


Please check corrisponding program page from the main menu, for specific program email inquiry/registration contacts.